Thanawat group is the group of 4 companies specialize in producing tapioca starch since 2004. Over 3 decades experience , we keep developing production efficiency and product quality. Nowadays, Thanawat group position is in the front row in tapioca starch industry. Not only equipment and machines are the most advance technology which lead to the premium quality product , we are also strategically located among the huge area of tapioca farms in Thailand. Therefore , more than 400,000 tons of tapioca starch are launched worldwide each year.

          The company vision is to be be the leader group of tapioca product in Asia. We will produce premium and consistent quality products and expanding product varieties to serve the world’s market.

          Our core business is manufacturing native tapioca starch. Thanawat group has 4 factories in 3 provinces of Thailand. The quality of product from all factories are identical. The production lines are fully controlled by computer (Advance Sweden technology) and they are closed system which benefits for preventing animal, insects and contamination. All operators are professional and well trained