Raw Materials

Tapioca Starch

          Tapioca is a perennial shrub that lasts for many years. Tapioca planting The trunk is cut into the embankment. At the cuttings in the soil will be broken into roots after about 2 months to grow roots will gradually accumulate flour and grow up. Called cassava root It can harvest the cassava roots after 6 months and then extend the harvest to 16 months, the eye will grow into a trunk (Tapioca Development Institute)

        Currently, the Northeast is the most tapioca area. In Thailand, Thanawat Inter Starch Co., Ltd. is located in Sub Yai District. Chaiyaphum It’s a good idea to buy it. The source of raw materials from the field. Sub Yai The production capacity will be 450 tons / day, using 1600 tons / day of fresh roots in tapioca starch production.​​