CSR Activities


May 20, 2019

Extension of Agricultural Learning Project;

“Huay Bong 90”

THANAWAT GROUP, Led by Mr. Boonchu Jirathanawat, Chairman, participated in an extension of agricultural learning project with large agricultural land plot group of cassava farmers in Pang Makha Sub-district, Khanu Woralaksaburi District, Kamphaeng Phet Province, which was in an extension project from Technology Transferring Process on Cassava Production to Farmers by “Kamphaengphet Model”. The project focus on problem solving in specific areas to enhance productivity while reducing costs to farmers. Chairman also delivered fresh Huay Bong 90 cassava stems to farmers. Huay Bong 90 is a variety of cassava, which produces higher starch content and higher yields per rai. Being a part of supporting agricultural sustainability for farmers is one of our core missions.